• Jennings Motor Group, based in Northeast England, operates multiple Ford, Kia, Mazda and SEAT dealerships. The company uses a long-established apprenticeship program to provide opportunities for students in the region to work at its dealerships in service, sales and other divisions.
    Julia Bradford
  • Patrick Capriati, marketing promotion manager at the Italian Trade Promotion Agency’s Chicago office, which houses the trade-oriented section of the Italian Embassy, discusses trade opportunities in Italy with Aftermarket Business World.
    Patrick Capriati
  • John Blodgett, MacKay and Co.’s vice president of sales and marketing, discussed the company's services program called DataMac, which profiles the aftermarket for replacement parts, tires and lubricants for on and off-highway vehicles, with Aftermarket Business World.
    John Blodgett
  • National Automobile Dealers Association chief economist Steven Szakaly spoke to Aftermarket Business World about NADA's workforce study on compensation for employees at new car dealerships.
    Steven Szakaly
  • Michael Shellhart, president of the NextGEN Liquidation Group, which has operations in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Central America and South America, answered questions from Aftermarket Business World about this aspect of the aftermarket.
    Michael Shellhart
  • With both firms having an extensive history within the global automotive segment dating back to the horseless carriage, December’s announced alliance between Dow and DuPont will result in the new DowDuPont delivering unified research, manufacturing and consulting services strategies.
    Brian Cruickshank
  • Last fall, eBay Motors released the results of its "Future of Automotive Shopping Survey," which included findings about how consumers purchased vehicles and auto parts online.
    Sree Menon
  • As the CEO and co-founder of Local Motors, John B. “Jay” Rogers Jr. is exploring direct digital manufacturing (DDM), which utilizes 3D printing to create “open source” vehicles cooperatively designed by the company’s membership community of car enthusiasts and industry professionals.
    John B. Rogers Jr.
  • With 222 onsite Costco Tire Centers in 34 states offering minor installations and maintenance, the company is rapidly expanding its lineup of certified full-service independent mechanical repair shops.
    Lori Grone
  • Labeling is complex as companies are faced with evolving regional, language, customer and regulatory requirements, which must be managed to avoid supply chain disruptions. Companies unable to support these new requirements and streamline label changes can end up with fines, dissatisfied customers and loss of business.
    Mike Ward
  • Affiliating with an established franchise operation “is the fastest way to understand proven business systems,” according to Charles J. Bonfiglio, the founder and CEO of Tint World Automotive Styling Centers, which has 64 franchises in 18 states along with a growing presence of overseas outlets.
    Charles J. Bonfiglio
  • ASA Electronics National Accounts Manager Justin Garver discusses the company's Auto-Pairing Wireless Camera System for tractor-trailer applications, which is designed to seamlessly pair any combination of cabs and trailers equipped with Voyager wireless monitors and cameras, regardless of a fleet’s size. 
    Justin Garver
  • Dave Leonard, president and CEO of Advanced Pricing Logic, talks to Aftermarket Business World about the company's price management and optimization software, PRICEXPERT (formerly Promoter). The software as a service solution (SaaS) is targeted at mid-market companies. 
    Dave Leonard
  • Advance Auto Parts, Inc. is sponsoring the Ricky Benton Racing Team in the 2016 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series.
    Advance Auto parts
  • Jason Bartanen, director of industry and technical relations at I-CAR, recently answered a series of questions from Aftermarket Business World concerning the industry’s overall levels of knowledge of aluminum automotive components.
    Jason Bartanen
  • Spork Marketing, an online marketing consultancy that specializes in auto parts and accessories, released a new guide to provide detailed marketing advice for start-up online auto parts retailers.
    Jason Lancaster
  • After several years of recession-driven acceleration, the increase in the average age of the vehicle fleet might finally be slowing down, according to research released by IHS Automotive.
    Mark Seng
  • Joachim Taiber, CTO at the International Transportation Innovation Center (ITIC) and a research professor of electrical and computer engineering at Clemson University, spoke to Aftermarket Business World about cybersecurity for vehicles
    Joachim Taiber
  • Offering industry instruction has long been an important service provided by the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA). SEMA’s education director, Zane Clark, recently discussed the organization’s training opportunities.
    Zane Clark
  • Chris Gardner, a vice president who handles technology for the Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association, discusses AASA's Connected Aftermarket initiative with Aftermarket Business World.
    Chris Gardner