• Mike Fitzgerald, executive vice president and general manager of the new Innova Telematics Solutions division, spoke to Aftermarket Business World about the company's new offerings.
    Mike Fitzgerald
  • BeBop Sensors of Berkeley, Calif., recently unveiled an Automotive Occupant Classification System (OCS) that features embedded car seat sensors with intelligent car occupant sensing technology for safer airbag deployment.
    Keith McMillen
  • President Stuart Compton attributes 70 percent of AutoCustoms' 2015 sales to Google AdWords, “which turned this small startup’s advertising budget into big results.”
    Stuart Compton
  • Earlier this year, logistics giant DHL released a white paper, “Quiet Revolution: Convergence and the Future of Automotive Supply Chain,” outlining the convergence of the auto sector and high-tech industries. The growing importance of technology vendors has altered the automotive supply chain and introduced new risks.
    Michael Martin
  • Chris Sutton, vice president of U.S. automotive retail at J.D. Power, spoke to Aftermarket Business World about the company's 2016 CSI study, which shows satisfaction rates for recall-related repairs declined this year for the first time in six years.
    Chris Sutton
  • GM’s office in the Dubai World Trade Centre oversees the sales and service operations for 20 dealerships in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Dubai, Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen.
  • Joe Richards, director of research and market intelligence at Cox Automotive, spoke to Aftermarket Business World about the company's 2016 Maintenance and Repair Study, which found that dealerships only capture 30 percent of total service visits
    Joe Richards
  • In April Elio Motors established a Pilot Operations Center for evaluating the E-Series version of its three-wheeled vehicle with the goal of rolling out pre-production Elios by the end of this year.
    Paul Elio
  • Automile CEO Jens Nylander spoke to Aftermarket Business World about the San Francisco-based startup company and the telematics market.
    Jens Nylander
  • Based in Sofia, Bulgaria, Carista has recently rolled out a major update and redesign of its OBD2 mobile application that “enables drivers to seamlessly diagnose, customize and service their cars.”
    Todor Kalaydjiev
  • Taking stock of an initial product rollout in August, Jeff Hammock, founder and CEO of MechOptix, says that the company’s automatic brake light technology has struck a chord with consumers and distributors.
    Jeff Hammock
  • Parts Detect is a free mobile application that helps automotive service and repair professionals find aftermarket and OEM parts within seconds and have them delivered.
    Stan Mirzayev
  • Debra Levy, president of the Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC) and managing director of Auto Glass Week, discusses the importance of proper training for glass repair and replacement technicians and other aspects of the industry:
    Debra Levy
  • Perfecto Mobile helps companies test and improve mobile applications, including in-vehicle apps. Carlo Cadet and Chris Willis of the company's marketing department spoke to Aftermarket Business World about their efforts in the automotive space.
    Carlo Cadet
  • Serving the U.S., Canada and several other global markets, CAM International has found success as a re-distributor of aftermarket parts, accessories and heavy duty components by implementing an effective array of methods for handling stocklifts, change-overs, buybacks and overstock inventories.
    Tim McGee
  • ABI Research forecasts that nearly 203 million vehicles will ship in 2022 that are equipped with software over-the-air (SOTA) update capabilities. With recalls on the rise, the ability to provide software and firmware updates remotely could help reduce the cost and inconvenience of some types of vehicle fixes.
    Susan Beardslee
  • Kelly Squizzero, director of industry and solution strategy at software provider Infor, discusses how business owners, who are finding themselves caught in a transition period of employing across a vast age and skills gap, can effectively manage baby boomers and milennials in the workforce
    Kelly Squizzero
  • Autologic Diagnostics recently launched AssistMobile, a mobile phone app that complements the company’s flagship Autologic Assist cloud-based vehicle-connected support service. The system connects repair shops with diagnosis and repair issues.
    Jeremy Fry
  • The CTA’s Mobile Electronics Certified Professional (MECP) program was developed in 1991 by several 12-volt industry executives interested in bringing a higher level of professionalism to the mobile electronics installation segment. Some 20,000-plus industry pros have achieved MECP accreditation.
    Todd Ramsey
  • Peter Yorke, CEO of Voyomotive, discusses the company's recently launched VOYO OBD II telematics controllers. Voyomotive will soon launch a fleet version of the product called Passport.
    Peter Yorke