• Record360, an asset condition software vendor, released its inaugural dealership service center customer survey in 2016. Shane Skinner, founder and CEO, at Record360, discussed the results with Aftermarket Business World.
    Shane Skinner
  • Samuel Kwasi Sackey is vice president of ECL, which provides vehicle testing services for Ghana’s government-mandated inspection program that was established in 2014.
    Samuel Kwasi Sackey
  • The Chinese government is in the process of implementing a related “Made in China 2025” initiative that aspires to comprehensively improve its worldwide manufacturing prowess, including the pursuit of cutting-edge automotive innovations.
    Scott Kennedy
  • Kelly Frey, vice president of marketing for Telogis, spoke to Aftermarket Business World about the advantages of fleet management systems and how they can affect vehicle maintenance.
    Kelly Frey
  • OTC continues to market tools and training, and Alison Accavitti, marketing communications manager at parent-firm Bosch Automotive Service Solutions, recently answered a series of questions posed by Aftermarket Business World.
    Alison Accavitti
  • Kaleb Silver, senior product manager at Hunter Engineering, spoke to Aftermarket Business World about the impact of new vehicle technologies on product development.
    Kaleb Silver
  • Hundreds of mobile automotive technicians aligned with YourMechanic are making housecalls to homes and workplaces to render convenient diagnostic, repair and maintenance services.
    Lee Senderov
  • Ryan Driscoll, marketing director at fleet management solution provider GPS Insight, spoke to Aftermarket Business World about how fleet systems can affect vehicle operations.
    Ryan Driscoll
  • Steve Hughes, VP of supplier development, government affairs and logistics at Centric Parts, discussed shipping alternatives during the Hanjin shipping crisis and bankruptcy.
    Steve Hughes
  • Larry Pavey, CEO of the the Automotive Parts Services Group, spoke to Aftermarket Business World about recent supplier evaluations that included discussions about Internet strategies and telematics.
    Larry Pavey
  • Mike Fitzgerald, executive vice president and general manager of the new Innova Telematics Solutions division, spoke to Aftermarket Business World about the company's new offerings.
    Mike Fitzgerald
  • BeBop Sensors of Berkeley, Calif., recently unveiled an Automotive Occupant Classification System (OCS) that features embedded car seat sensors with intelligent car occupant sensing technology for safer airbag deployment.
    Keith McMillen
  • President Stuart Compton attributes 70 percent of AutoCustoms' 2015 sales to Google AdWords, “which turned this small startup’s advertising budget into big results.”
    Stuart Compton
  • Earlier this year, logistics giant DHL released a white paper, “Quiet Revolution: Convergence and the Future of Automotive Supply Chain,” outlining the convergence of the auto sector and high-tech industries. The growing importance of technology vendors has altered the automotive supply chain and introduced new risks.
    Michael Martin
  • Openbay founder and CEO Rob Infantino describes his company as “an online marketplace transforming the auto repair experience for consumers, and the way that service providers acquire and service customers.”
    Rob Infantino
  • Automile CEO Jens Nylander spoke to Aftermarket Business World about the San Francisco-based startup company and the telematics market.
    Jens Nylander
  • Based in Sofia, Bulgaria, Carista has recently rolled out a major update and redesign of its OBD2 mobile application that “enables drivers to seamlessly diagnose, customize and service their cars.”
    Todor Kalaydjiev
  • Taking stock of an initial product rollout in August, Jeff Hammock, founder and CEO of MechOptix, says that the company’s automatic brake light technology has struck a chord with consumers and distributors.
    Jeff Hammock
  • Parts Detect is a free mobile application that helps automotive service and repair professionals find aftermarket and OEM parts within seconds and have them delivered.
    Stan Mirzayev
  • Debra Levy, president of the Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC) and managing director of Auto Glass Week, discusses the importance of proper training for glass repair and replacement technicians and other aspects of the industry:
    Debra Levy