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MOTOR white paper proposes top methods to generate demand for OE parts

Monday, July 8, 2019 - 07:00
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MOTOR Information Systems is pleased to announce the release of its latest white paper, “How to Generate More Demand for OE Parts.” The white paper analyzes the substantial opportunity for automakers and franchised dealers to sell more of their parts to independent repairers. Automakers can embrace this opportunity by partnering with a trusted data provider to code OE parts to aftermarket standards and facilitating the availability of enhanced information for everyone.

Download the white paper by visiting

Automakers’ Mechanical Wholesale and Collision Wholesale programs are consistently successful at selling parts but fail to capture a significant portion of part sales for older vehicles. And while the automotive industry is constantly changing, there will always be a need to maintain vehicles no matter the propulsion system or ownership model. With used vehicle sales expected to reach a post-recession high in 2019, there is a significant opportunity for automakers to embrace post-warranty parts sales.

This white paper analyzes:
• The potential for ongoing post-warranty parts sales increase
• The value of a trusted data provider in executing a comprehensive data strategy
• The importance of the ACES standard in coding parts

By partnering with a trusted data provider to code OE parts and make that enhanced information available to those involved in the parts-purchasing decision, OEs and dealers can sell more parts to independent repairers. Download the white paper by visiting

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