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Improvements in invisible paint protection films bring visible sales gains

Monday, March 16, 2015 - 07:00
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Awareness and education

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In January Madico Window Films rolled out a new Invisi-Film line for auto body applications aimed at “giving owners peace of mind that their vehicle will continue looking great no matter what conditions they’re driving in,” says Jeffrey R. Plummer, senior vice president of sales and marketing. “This is clearly a growing segment, and one that allows our installing dealers a means of increasing their business.”

“Invisi-Film can also be used on RVs, ATVs, jet skis, boats, motorcycles, high-performance vehicles, and tractors and commercial vehicles such as dump trucks and end-loaders,” notes Madico marketing specialist Lauren Messing.

“Additional uses include truck bed rails, door frame edges and thresholds, wiper blade landing areas, around wheel wells, door handles and locks, roof areas under utility racks and more,” she says. “It works with computerized plotters for a custom fit.”

Installation pricing varies according to regional markets and the extent of coverage sought for a particular vehicle. Some customers opt for overall protection – others are content with covering just the lower panels more prone to come in contact with paint-threatening objects arising from the streets.

“This is a film that can completely complement or transform the look of a vehicle while protecting the vehicle’s finish from rocks, gravel, salt and other road debris,” says CEO Ryan Pape at XPEL. Its STEALTH film “features a smooth satin-texture that blends seamlessly with OEM matte paint finishes. Alternatively, the film can be applied to glossy-painted surfaces to give the vehicle a matte appearance in a reversible manner, without requiring re-painting,” according to the company.

XPEL’s TRACWRAP is marketed as an affordable temporary PPF that is self-installed for one-time use to protect RVs and their tow-behind vehicles. A larger size is available for bigger motor coaches.

“Awareness and education play a big role in consumer appreciation,” according to spokeswoman Maureen Blazevic at the Eastman Chemical Co. “Technology continually evolves, and the new LLumar self-healing paint protection film takes the consumer benefits to a new level.” The firm has more than 4,000 shops selling its lines worldwide.

In December Eastman purchased the SunTek brand, which is retaining its identity. Blazevic says SunTek “is valued in the market as a high quality product” that attracts “significant loyalty among installers.”

“With the rising cost of cars and trucks, people want to protect their vehicles and keep them looking new to protect their investment and for future re-sale,” says Ziebart President Daniel C. Baker as he describes the company’s ongoing Z-Shield PPF innovations.

“We have field-tested this product in the harsh winter conditions of Minnesota and in the burning heat of Middle Eastern deserts, and it has exceeded expectations,” Baker reports. “We even conducted customer focus groups to make certain this new film is what customers wanted and is modestly priced based on a customer’s protection needs.”

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