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Interface Performance Materials acquires Indian manufacturing facility

Tuesday, May 30, 2017 - 07:00
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Interface Performance Materials, a global designer and manufacturer of advanced materials, sealing solutions, thermal management systems and specialty products, has entered into an agreement to acquire a materials manufacturing facility in North India. The acquisition increases Interface Performance Materials’ global reach and positions the company to better serve the Indian, Middle Eastern, and Southeastern Asia markets.

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With over 100 years of experience in engineering and innovating materials, Interface Performance Materials provides solutions for heavy-duty diesel, two wheelers, small engine, industrial, automotive and related industries. These same industries are among India’s key drivers of economic growth.

Interface Performance Materials said it will immediately begin upgrades to the facility to bring it to world class standards. By applying its manufacturing process to the India-based production of the gasket material product line, Interface Performance Materials is positioned to develop new products, using locally sourced materials to meet market demand. Manufacturing the gasket materials in India offers the added benefit of reducing lead-time, which improves inventory turns for customers while also controlling freight costs.

Victor Swint, President and CEO of Interface Performance Materials, calls the new direction a big win, with an even bigger impact on the Indian, Middle Eastern and Southeastern Asia business.

“The opportunity to purchase a high-quality beater-addition manufacturing facility aligns well with our growth-driven customer focus, allowing Interface Performance Materials to strengthen its product portfolio, while also taking an important step toward better serving our global customers.”

Headquartered in Lancaster, Pa., Interface Performance Materials has seven manufacturing locations worldwide and provides a full range of engineering services including gasket design, flange analysis, and material recommendations, joint design recommendations, and validation testing of parts to OEMs and fabricators. Learn more at

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