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Edelbrock launches AVS2 series carburetors

Thursday, March 21, 2019 - 07:00
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Edelbrock, a leading manufacturer and distributor of aftermarket performance parts, today announced the availability of the AVS2, a high-performance carburetor that delivers drivability with near EFI-like smoothness.

The AVS2 Series is based on the popular Thunder Series AVS utilizing the innovative Qwik-Tune Secondary Air Valve that provides unlimited calibration of the secondary circuit for the most precise tuning across the entire RPM range. Edelbrock engineers managed to make the AVS design even better by addingAnnular Flow Booster technology. The AVS2 Series boasts new calibration and delivers superior atomization. This is provided by eight equally spaced orifices in the annular booster rings that replace the standard down-leg boosters that simply dump raw fuel into the venturi. With down-leg boosters, atomization doesn’t happen until after the butterflies, but with AVS2 annular flow boosters, atomization occurs instantly.
With an AVS2 carburetor, you feel the difference as soon as you step on the gas. Flat spots that are often encountered when a carb transitions from idle to wide-open-throttle are completely eliminated, and throttle response in the low- to mid-RPM range where you spend 90 percent of your driving time on the street, is improved tremendously. Additionally, there is no sacrificing that top-end power that Edelbrock is known for.

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AVS2 features two-piece aluminum construction with an ease-of-tuning design that lets you change jets, metering rods, springs, or make float level adjustments without draining the fuel from the carburetor or even removing it from the engine. Like all Edelbrock carburetors, the AVS2 is designed, manufactured, assembled and calibrated in the U.S. by Edelbrock’s dedicated carburetor division in Sanford, North Carolina.
The AVS2 Series carburetor is available in 500, 650 and 800 CFM with manual or electric choke in satin or our chrome-like EnduraShine finish.
For more information on AVS2 or other Edelbrock products, please visit www.edelbrock.com.

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