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TecAlliance is celebrating 25 years of TecDoc Standard

Thursday, April 11, 2019 - 07:00
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TecAlliance celebrates 25 years of TecDoc Standard. This data standard was introduced in 1994 so as to create a uniform data format for collecting, publishing and distributing high-quality spare parts information. The TecDoc Standard makes it possible to identify spare parts and vehicles quickly and accurately; and enables optimized automated and digitalized process solutions throughout the entire the Automotive Aftermarket (AM) supply chain. To mark its 25th anniversary year, TecAlliance has announced the official launch of the new “version 3.0” of the TecDoc Catalogue, which is one of the leading global spare parts catalogs, and is based on the TecDoc data standard. With this action, TecAlliance is providing a new level of performance and effectiveness in the identification and application of spare parts for the marketplace.

“Data has always been a passion with us. We will continue to develop and refine the TecDoc Standard since it is an important driver and enabler of the standardization and digitalization of the Automotive Aftermarket”, says Jürgen Buchert, CEO of TecAlliance GmbH. He continued, „Thanks to this data Standard, it is possible to identify a spare part and sell it around the globe. In the future, the Standard will be the foundation for developing and implementing intelligent applications for future mobility concepts”.

Comparability and transparency of product data across the globe
Even today, the TecDoc Standard continues to be synonymous with excellent data quality. It ensures comparability, efficiency, transparency and quality of product data in the global Automotive Aftermarket. Until the spare parts data was standardized in the mid-90s, it was not clear whether parts applications had been allocated to the correct vehicle type. This forced a time consuming process that relied on trial and error, as well as technical knowledge. While technical knowledge will always be an important element in the process of parts development and application, unfortunately, without standardization, the result was high error rates and the accompanying negative effect on the business and customer satisfaction.

In 1994, 21 leading companies from the international automotive spare parts industry came together with the standardization initiative under the name of TecDoc. Each vehicle type was clearly and unmistakably defined and linked to the relevant spare parts. Thanks to the TecDoc Standard and the spare part catalog TecDoc Catalogue based on it, the ambiguity about vehicles and their matching spare parts has been essentially eliminated. This has been the case around the globe because the international standard enables seamless co-operation in more than 140 countries and in 35 languages.

Vehicle and spare parts information available in excellent quality
The TecDoc Standard has become a reliable seal for excellent-quality spare parts, parts information and data. In business, the TecDoc Standard enables excellent data quality and web services for effective e-business as well as tailor-made online catalogs. Workshops profit from accurate spare parts identification and comprehensive and accurate repair and maintenance information (RMI) in the TecDoc Catalogue. And, parts manufacturers benefit from the TecDoc Standard because it provides them access to new markets and entirely new global arenas in which to do business. Clearly, when competing for new customers, visibility in the market becomes a decisive factor and thanks to the TecDoc Catalogue, one of the largest spare part catalogs in the world, TecAlliance data suppliers can now reach out to customers located around the globe.

Great data is the foundation for the global digital future. By launching the new version 3.0 of the TecDoc Catalogue at the beginning 2019, TecAlliance is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the TecDoc Standard, thereby setting new benchmark in the area of spare parts identification. For over 20 years the TecDoc Catalogue has been one of the globally leading spares parts catalogs. It includes more than 110,000 vehicle types, 6.6 million sets of article details from more than 700 brands, 254 million links as well as 48 article groups.

About TecAlliance

For 25 years, TecAlliance has been one of the world’s leading data specialists for networked collaboration in the digital automotive aftermarket. In addition to up-to-date vehicle and spare-parts data based on the TecDoc Standard, the TecAlliance portfolio includes comprehensive repair and maintenance information as well as integrated solutions and consulting services for digital order handling, fleet management and market and data analysis in the automotive aftermarket. The TecDoc Catalogue is one of the world’s leading and most comprehensive automotive aftermarket catalogs. Today, around 600 qualified TecAlliance employees from 26 nations are working around the world, using their profound technical and business knowledge of the automotive aftermarket to make data and processes more efficient. TecAlliance – the international driving force for standardized data, digital processes and integrated solutions in the automotive aftermarket.

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