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Online training program scores with a generation of gamers by screening interactive animations

Friday, April 13, 2018 - 07:00
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A trending trainee e-learning system that plays like a three-dimensional video game is preparing potential technicians and parts personnel for real-world work. Called Electude, the technology’s attitude is geared toward meshing with the study habits of today’s students while addressing the advanced-instructional needs of experienced repairers.

“It is the core of our online training offer. We consider them a strategic partner,” reports Chris Chesney, senior director of customer training at the Carquest Technical Institute.

ElectudeMore than 10,000 technicians among Carquest’s client base of DIFM professionals routinely access the program. “We leverage about 60 different courses in multiple languages. We support our customers with their technicians so they can serve their customers better,” he notes.

“They’re constantly improving their product,” says Chesney, providing timely updates to cover the latest in emerging vehicle technologies.

The interactive qualities of the educational system are especially appealing, he adds. “It’s not just read-and-take-a-test, and it’s not just watch-and-take-a-test. It’s self-discovery – totally interactive. The learner doesn’t just sit and answer questions.”

“It has a lot of the same aspects as a video game,” says Darcy Wedel, Electude’s North American sales manager. “Many students in the industry don’t like to read – they like hands-on learning. It’s not just about reading; it’s interacting with the animations. It’s active rather than passive learning.”

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