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Thursday, February 21, 2013 - 14:24
Print Article is designed to help aftermarket suppliers and distributors discover the eCommerce and industry standards requirements and capabilities of one another. This web site – a collaboration of AASA and AAIA, powered by Pricedex Software – simplifies the task of finding those trading partners that share your eCommerce and standards capabilities. The benefit is in making IT investment decisions with a high ROI because you know which of your trading partners you will be able to connect with.

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AftermarketMatch takes the guess work out of identifying which of trading partners are able to exchange ACES and PIES data files, for example. And it lists the EDI and Web Services supported by your suppliers or customers. even lists the versions of the standards and formats supported. Detailed information is secure and only shared with trading partners who agree to a trusted reciprocal relationship.

“ is like a dating service for electronic trading partners in the aftermarket”, said Scott Luckett, chief information officer for the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA). Automotive retailers and wholesale chains need to understand which of their suppliers support the eCommerce services and data standards widely practiced in the aftermarket. Similarly, suppliers need to see the technical requirements of conducting transactions and exchanging data with their customers. “ allows both trading partners to list their requirements and capabilities and then see a ‘compatibility report’”, said Luckett. “When partners have visibility and can synchronize their IT capabilities, they are able to make informed IT decisions and derive maximum benefit from each eCommerce or data initiative. Like any directory, the value increases as the number of entries and users goes up.”

There is no cost to use AftermarketMatch and it is open to all companies and segments of the aftermarket. To get started complete the registration form at

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