Articles by Larry Silvey

Not too long ago, automotive research firm AutoPacific released the results of a study that shows American consumers would consider a Chinese or Indian vehicle without knowing the specific brands or vehicles. So much for the "Buy American" campaign.
?Ford has a better idea.? That was Ford?s slogan in the ?50s and ?60s. It may have had a better slogan but having better cars certainly was questionable. At the time, most of the cars in the U.S. were domestics on a similar path of mediocrity and pla
Financially strapped portions of the population are turning to used cars – cars they can afford.
Just six short months ago, we announced that we were discontinuing this publication in print in favor of all electronic distribution. Frankly, many of you didn't understand that. After all, Aftermarket Business was the leading print publication in it
Employees are supposed to feel grateful that they have a job, especially in this economic climate. You may have said this to your employees: "You're lucky to be working..." You give them a steady paycheck, some decent benefits and clean place to work
Wal-Mart?s ?take no prisoners? approach in dealing with its suppliers has worked well for the world?s largest retailer. As for its suppliers, not so well.
What choice do repairers have when an insurance company isn't going to cover the cost of the parts used because it is trying to keep the cost of the repair to a minimum?
Some of your shop customers are in a bit of a panic over their future. They see the vehicles they work on becoming increasingly more complex, which means they need to know more and to spend more on tools and equipment.