Articles by Bob Moore

The most fertile ground for aftermarket innovation may be in how we sell, more than in what we sell.
I think we need to check our priorities. Before we try to give everyone every conceivable entitlement, what’s wrong with taking care of those who took care of us first?
All of us who sell parts for a living need to stay on top of these emerging demographic trends.
 As a business observer, what I find compelling about Amazon is the boldness and freshness with which they interpret their marketplace, competition and customers. 
The significance of one of the Big 3 retailers buying one of the Big 3 traditional distributors is earthshaking. 
Data is only “full and rich” when your downstream channel partners have everything they need to present, market and sell your product. 
People are always asking me for specifics about PIES, such as how many or which fields need to be populated to have “full and rich” product data.
I realize that almost everyone is at least skeptical and more than likely in total disbelief of the Buck Rogers concept of “printing” a part.