Articles by Alan R. Segal

As for working women across the automotive aftermarket, has this industry lived up to its promise as a welcoming environment?
Alan R. Segal
In a concentrated marketplace with little room to stand out, one auto parts store owner is standing apart. Learn his tricks to be noticed among the competition.
Billy Konaxis
One electronic catalog firm — PartsHub — is growing up fast in the digital transformation.
Called UPTIS for unique puncture-proof tires systems because it never requires air, this technology developed jointly with General Motors (GM) promises to end blowouts and improve driver safety.
Alan R. Segal
As the cost of product warranties climb higher, industry members investigate new ways to handle customer issues while improving efficiency and reducing costs.
Former repair shop owners take their automotive expertise to help teach other shops in the market how to effectively tell their story to keep their businesses profitable and attracting customers.
Shop Marketing Pros
Take a note from Starbucks founder Howard Schultz. Business growth and development is not just about store count and inventory, but about investing in your people and creating a culture for both your employees and customers.
Alan R. Segal
Curious about Delta Associate’s value proposition, I enrolled in their six-month program. Day one enlightened and unnerved me in double doses.
Alan R. Segal