• With both firms having an extensive history within the global automotive segment dating back to the horseless carriage, December’s announced alliance between Dow and DuPont will result in the new DowDuPont delivering unified research, manufacturing and consulting services strategies.
    Brian Cruickshank
  • Last fall, eBay Motors released the results of its "Future of Automotive Shopping Survey," which included findings about how consumers purchased vehicles and auto parts online.
    Sree Menon
  • As the CEO and co-founder of Local Motors, John B. “Jay” Rogers Jr. is exploring direct digital manufacturing (DDM), which utilizes 3D printing to create “open source” vehicles cooperatively designed by the company’s membership community of car enthusiasts and industry professionals.
    John B. Rogers Jr.
  • With 222 onsite Costco Tire Centers in 34 states offering minor installations and maintenance, the company is rapidly expanding its lineup of certified full-service independent mechanical repair shops.
    Lori Grone
  • As the Dan Gilley, president of RLO Training, recently answered a series of questions from Aftermarket Business World on how aftermarket business owners can best reach out to the millennial generation.
    Dan Gilley
  • J.D. Power recently released its 2015 Canadian Customer Service Index Long-Term Study. The study measures the service experience, satisfaction and intended loyalty among owners of vehicles that are four to 12 years old.
    J.D. Ney
  • Smart Charge Residential specializes in developing electric vehicle supply equipment to further drive plug-in electric vehicle purchases. CEO Joseph Barletta discusses EV issues with Aftermarket Business World.
    Joseph Barletta
  • Paintshield Technology Corp. released its Paintshield Pattern Program Web Edition. The offering is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) endeavor that provides installers, paint protection film manufacturers and distributors access to priority and in-demand precision patterns created by designers at the company’s facilities in North America and Europe.
    Steven McAuley
  • Michael Sachs, a partner at Carlisle & Company, spoke to Aftermarket Business World about some of the company's findings relative to dealership technician staffing.
    Michael Sachs
  • After two decades of widespread offshoring in search of lower pricing, reshoring is coming home to the U.S. as business owners realize the benefits of American manufacturing knowhow.
    John Giordano
  • Nearly 70 percent of motorists surveyed by the nationwide RepairPal certification network cite the costs associated with auto repairs and the challenge of locating a trustworthy service center as the two main factors they hate most about taking their vehicle into the shop.
    Steve Moretti
  • RevolutionParts provides a platform that helps auto dealerships establish online parts stores. The company has processed $100 million in online parts sales. Andreas Ronneseth, CTO, spoke to Aftermarket Business World about making the transition to online sales.
    Andreas Ronneseth
  • Bailey Overman’s primary responsibilities include analyzing industry trends impacting aftermarket suppliers and authoring the association’s key surveys and reports, which include several benchmarking reports
    Bailey Overman
  • Earlier this year, the National Automobile Dealers Association Chief Economist Steven Szakaly spoke to Aftermarket Business World about the annual NADA Data 2014 report on dealership trends and financial performance.
    Steven Szakaly
  • Offering industry instruction has long been an important service provided by the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA). SEMA’s education director, Zane Clark, recently discussed the organization’s training opportunities.
    Zane Clark
  • Chris Gardner, a vice president who handles technology for the Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association, discusses AASA's Connected Aftermarket initiative with Aftermarket Business World.
    Chris Gardner
  • Arch Auto Parts CFO Tom Henner spoke to Aftermarket Business World about the company's recent rebranding and technology update, which included new POS systems, VoiP phone systems and a GPS-based dispatching solution. 
    Tom Henner
  • MakerBot is a leading 3D printer provider. Aftermarket Business World spoke with Daniel Breyre, the company's product and business insight manager for hardware, about potential 3D printing applications in the automotive aftermarket.
    Daniel Breyre
  • Jeff Nedwick is strategy director at the company’s Automotive Industry Solutions division, and he recently answered a series of questions from Aftermarket Business World about how Big Data can assist aftermarket businesses.
    Jeff Nedwick
  • Mishimoto Automotive, an aftermarket performance auto parts supplier, is using 3D printing technology from MakerBot to accelerate its product development time by quickly producing prototype parts. 
    Sarah Albright