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O'Rielly Collision Center is an ABRN 2012 Top Shop

Thursday, December 20, 2012 - 16:23
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If ABRN Top Shops could have NFL counterparts, O'Rielly Collision Center could be the 1970s Pittsburgh Steelers, the 1980s San Francisco 49ers or the 1990s Dallas Cowboys. Those teams put a stamp on their eras. Most years they were either playing for or winning championships.

Four ABRN Top Shops plaques decorate the walls at O'Rielly Collision Center, including recognition as the 2011 Top Shop winner. (IMAGES / O'RIELLY COLLISION CENTER)

O'Rielly's was last year's contest winner. This year they've set an ABRN Top Shops record by being the only shop in the country to be named a contest finalist four years in a row. They're not resting on those laurels. As with the past several years, the Tucson, Ariz., -based shop, which is part of the O'Rielly Chevrolet dealership, already is plotting another return.

What is O'Rielly's secret? They have none. This shop thoroughly covers all the contest judging areas, churns out good numbers, consistently trains its employees and is always looking for new ways to tweak or add business.

In 2012, that business churned out $5.4 million in revenue, topping 2011's mark. A reflection of the shop's 82 years in business, O'Rielly's sticks with what works – which means starting each day with a short informative meeting where manager Brian Guerrero and the rest of the shop staff discuss the work and plot out a course of action. Sharing this information helps build on a business culture in which estimators, techs, painters and other employees take ownership of all the shop's work, not simply the tasks each is assigned.

This informed worked pool can quickly handle customer inquiries on vehicle status and provide other benefits such as the numerous inspections each vehicle undergoes as it passes through O'Rielly's operation where employees examine each other's work as a vehicle is passed to them.

Tech Richey Valdez blueprints works on a bumper

Employees themselves undergo similar evaluations in the form of regular performance reviews where they and the shop look for ways to continuously improve performance. Small, sometimes incremental, changes are recognized for their ability to provide big payoffs.

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