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Mayfield Collision Centers is 2014 ABRN Top Shops Contest winner

Monday, November 24, 2014 - 08:00
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Edwin Land, the co-founder of Polaroid, once said that businesses don't need new ideas. They need to “stop having old ones.”

That notion flies in the face of so much of today's businesses world where operators are bent on either finding the next million (or billion) dollar idea or riding whatever hot trend industry insiders point to. Implementing new thinking is, of course, a necessary part of every business's success. Land's point was that discarding old notions also provides significant benefits.

In some cases, that means working from a fresh sheet of paper.

This approach sums up nicely the success behind the 2014 Top Shops winner, Mayfield Collision Centers. Sitting just south of Lake Erie, with two locations in the Cleveland suburbs of Bedford Heights and South Euclid, the 25-year-old business generates over $9.1 million in annual revenue utilizing a combination of cutting-edge technical services and a continuous focus on pleasing customers and employees.

While most successful shops use this formula, Mayfield stands out because it dispensed with the business trajectory of a traditional collision repairer by putting the latter part of this blueprint at the forefront. From its beginnings in 1989, Mayfield focused first on people, then built the rest of its operation -- notably, the repairs themselves -- on this concept.  

Decades later, this strategy has proven itself a game winner. Mayfield continues to sustain remarkable growth and garner both local and national accolades. In just the past year, Mayfield increased revenue, added employees, was recognized by NorthCoast 99 (a profession human resources organization) as one of Ohio's 99 best workplaces, helped lead a Coyote Vision group, assisted at a number of vocational/technical schools, was active in multiple local Chambers of Commerce and looked forward to opening a new facility for certified aluminum repairs on luxury vehicles.  

They've got their sights set on a bright future, with a few interesting twists.

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