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  • The Lincoln Electric Company, a subsidiary of Lincoln Electric Holdings Inc. is investing approximately $30 million in a new Welding Technology Center on its Euclid, Ohio campus.  
  • Nearly every industry deals with some controversial issue that it resolves but doesn't eliminate. In the collision repair market, that issue would be sectioning.
  • Starting in the fourth quarter, Ford Motor Co. planned to begin using multiple components in the F-150 pickup made from next-generation aluminum produced through Alcoa's Micromill process.
    Brian Albright
  • Here we are going to discuss the different types of welding methods used for steel and aluminum and the equipment and certifications required.
  • Selecting an aluminum Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welder for your facility is an important step in overall aluminum repair preparedness. Below are a few tips to help guide the decision-making process.
  • Galvanic corrosion, which is caused by contact between two dis-similar metals (and exposed to moisture, water, salt, etc.) has been a concern in the collision industry for many years. To minimize or eliminate the risk of cross contamination, shops must have a dedicated set of  tools that will only be used on aluminum panels. 
  • Analyzing and repairing damage to aluminum vehicle components is no more difficult than for traditional steel vehicle components. All you need is the right equipment and a basic understanding of how aluminum characteristics affect the repair process.
    Aluminum repair
  • The cost of OEM training can be expensive. But the cost to your shop if your employees are not properly trained and equipped for the vehicles to come may be insurmountable.   
    OEM training
  • The approach to controlling cross contamination between steel and aluminum is multi-faceted and requires a systemic plan.
  • To repair the vehicles of today and the future, you will have to continually maintain your welding training to ensure you can properly work with modern materials and those to come.  
    Richard Perry
  • The recent “Great Designs in Steel” (GDIS) seminar in Livonia, Mich., in May made it clear that the core material of choice for the manufacturers is still steel, but not always traditional steel. 
    Bob Keith
  • Aluminum and steel repair procedures greatly differ — are you doing them correctly?
  • Knowing how and when to use welding bonding in the repair process can help technicians become more productive and ultimately lead to higher customer satisfaction metrics for the repair body shop.
  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory  has developed an infrared weld inspection system that can be used on the production line to inspect welds as they are completed.
  • As we all know, OEMs are being forced to meet very tough safety and fuel mileage standards, and they must design vehicles with lighter materials. Let’s take a look at two specific vehicles that will set the standard for the future of vehicle design in the next few years. 
  • Through its renowned Welding School and Technical Training department, Lincoln Electric will offer a diverse selection of educational programming at its Cleveland headquarters throughout 2016. 
  • Miller Electric Mfg. Co announced the 2016 New Year – New Build Sweepstakes, which will award new welding equipment and gear to 23 winners over a 90-day period. 
    Miller Electric
  • Metal fabrication services all can provide valuable revenue streams and create opportunities to win new customers.
  • The OEM Collision Repair Technology Summit will feature panels on advanced joining mechanisms, another on programming, diagnostics and calibrations, and a third on the aluminum and steel industries.  
    Society of Collision Repair Specialists
  • Like it or not, aluminum is now here for the masses and more OEMs will be utilizing it in the coming years.