Metal Shop

  • Working with an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) in the body shop demands knowledge of the system basics.
  • Metal bonding offers a practical alternative to welding
  • Aluminum is making new demands on skills and equipment.
  • Recent innovations make the welder's life on the shop floor more productive and enjoyable. Smooth out the bumps in your work flow.
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  • Although you may not use service and collision repair information on a daily basis, it’s important to know where to find it when you need it.
  • Composites have had a long and ever-changing history.
  • Aluminum Authority
  • Few systems have become so challenging to repair as passive restraints. Keeping up with changes is critical to keeping your customers -- and your technicians -- safe.
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  • Finding an equipment strategy that works means assessing the market, your goals, and the future of your business.
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  • Replacing a crunched radiator is an everyday occurrence in most body shops. What you may not know is the extent of problems your technicians and mechanical repair staff can cause if they are oblivious to the impact of proper grounding and ultimately
  • If you mentioned restraint systems while talking to your next door neighbor after work one day, he or she might look at you a little cross-eyed, step back a bit and begin to conjure all sorts of ideas about your choice of "hobbies."
  • Aluminum is not new to automobile manufacturing; it has been used for years, primarily to lighten vehicles and thus make them more fuel-efficient. Today vehicles that use aluminum are grouped into two categories.
  • Having a thorough understanding of restraint systems can ensure your customers’ safety
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  • How much you know about what goes on at wheel level can help you keep your customers safe and satisfied.
  • An efficient, quality metal department is no accident -- though sometimes it seems it could be given the number of diverse tasks that occur daily. Here are some tips to help you avoid common traps within this deceptively complex operation.
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  • Like it or not, aluminum is here. Aluminum use in vehicle production has steadily increased during the last several years. Aluminum is quite frequently being used for exterior body panels and is making its way into the structural role of vehicles. Ar
  • Over the years the replacement of the outer door panel or complete door shell versus repair of the panel has certainly increased. Has this occurred due to the available technician skill in the current workforce, the costs of repairs quickly exceeding
  • Repairers must be able to identify suspension system damage early in the repair process to lessen delays in the completion of the vehicle.
  • Nearly every external panel on a modern vehicle can be removed from its substructure with simple hand tools, by merely unbolting a series of fasteners, except one — the quarter panel.
  • The B-pillar might best be regarded as the "Lone Ranger" of the automotive world. Few non-industry people are aware of its name, yet this important piece of metal running from the roof down the side of their vehicles to the chassis bottom has protect