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Chip Foose teaches you how to work like a pro using 3M

Tuesday, July 18, 2017 - 07:00
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Legendary automotive designer Chip Foose has always been a fan of 3M as the company shares his same passion for innovation and design. Through a recently expanded partnership with 3M Auto, Foose has provided his favorite tips and tricks for how to use 3M’s automotive tapes, abrasives, body filler and Bondo® branded products in order to achieve the highest quality results.
Foose has been using 3M products since childhood, when he worked with his dad in his shop. He attributes the use of these products as being a big part of his success and has used many 3M products for Foose Design projects over the years.
Foose recommends the following tips and tricks to ensure you’re getting the best results when working with 3M Auto tapes, such as 3M™ Precision Masking Tape, 3M™ Automotive Performance Masking Tape or 3M™ Automotive Refinish Masking Tape.

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  • Don’t use multiple pieces of tape: Use one long piece of tape when creating a color separation or two-tone design. Then cut for door gaps and separations at the very end of the process.
  • Keep it loose: Remember not to pull too hard and create too much tension on the tape. 3M tapes have various substrates to allow for curves and turns. If the tape is pulled too tight it will retract, causing gaps and bleeding.
  • Go with the flow: When pin-striping, one continuous pull of the tape guiding you as you go creates a better flowing line than trying to pull short, incremental lines. Don’t forget to pull carefully around corners and curves.
  • Make a pattern: If you’re laying out a pattern for flames or graphics, it’s helpful to layout a tape pattern on one side of the car and then mask over the design. This creates a tape pattern you can pull up and use on the opposite side of the car.

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