repair shop management

  • Jared Stivers, Email Marketing Manager for MotoREV, discusses how e-mail marketing can help shops attract, retain and connect with more customers.
  • Hybrid repair is an increasingly important opportunity for repair shops. Advance Auto Parts' Jim Bates is an expert in this area and sheds some valuable insight on the subject, as well as debunks some myths about it.
  • MOTOSHOP Technology Tools, a product portfolio from Advance Auto Parts, Inc., invites 2014 AAPEX show attendees in Las Vegas to visit the company’s booths to be entered to win the sweepstakes grand prize.
  • Matt Sampson, senior program manager of Ecommerce for MotoLOGIC, discusses not only what kinds of diagnostic and repair information shops want, but more importantly, the kind of information they actually need to stay competitive. 
  • when it comes to marketing, Jake The Car Doctor is haunted by his lack of knowledge on the subject and his inability or unwillingness to take decisive action to promote his shop. 
  • There is a saying that price is what you pay, but value is what you get, and that is very true in the automotive parts world these days. 
  • This shop owner was not feeling the money in their wallet. According to their profit or loss statement, they were doing great. So where is the money?
    Chris Frederick
  • It appears the technicians who own these shops, first and foremost, are pretty decent technicians. He appears to be morally in check in that he really wants to do the job right and try to serve the customer well. 
    Bob Greenwood