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Shop Profile: Union Collision

Wednesday, March 4, 2015 - 09:00
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Cheerfully embracing a united front among three generations, the Barbera family’s Union Collision exudes high energy as they enthusiastically approach each workday with an affable sense of humor accompanied by a can-do attitude.

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Union Collision
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Union, NJ
Barbara and Kenny Barbera
One shop with five buildings
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The people at this business appear to genuinely enjoy each other’s company.

“Family is what Union Collision is all about,” says Mike Barbera, who serves as co-manager along with his brother Nick. Also on the job are their parents, Barbara and Kenny, Grandfather Frank, and a 19-year-old cousin just entering the industry as an apprentice body technician. The family atmosphere is further nurtured even among non-Barbera staffers with two father-and-son teams at work out on the shop floor.

“Each family member has his or her own strengths, which we utilize to the fullest every day,” Mike says. “We are a normal family who happen to work very closely together. Of course, we get on each other’s nerves at times – but we respect how lucky we are to be working together to achieve a common goal.”

And that goal revolves around delivering quality repairs at fair prices.

“Our marketing message is not what we say but what we do,” says Mike. “We treat every person who walks through our front door as if they are a friend. We always keep the customer’s best interests in mind. We want everyone who comes to us to be a customer for life,” he points out.

“This has worked wonders for our business,” according to Mike, designated as the family’s spokesman for this Shop Profile. “Our customers trust us, and because of that they recommend us to their friends, family and neighbors. A quality repair done by people you can trust is what keeps our customers coming back time and time again,” he says.

“Word of mouth and our reputation has been all we need to keep the business going so far. We do some repairs for gratis and in return those customers trust us when more extensive work is necessary,” Mike explains.

“For example, if a bumper becomes dislodged from a vehicle we will reattach that bumper for no charge. We will also buff and touch-up any vehicle upon request and ask for nothing in return except to remember us when they need any future car repairs,” he says, adding that “these small but significant gestures show our customers that they can trust us, and our bottom line is not as important to us as the goodwill that these services generate.”

Located in Union, N.J., which is part of New York City’s metropolitan region, “we serve the surrounding communities because this is where our family was born and raised. This is our home. We want to be able to help anyone who had the unfortunate experience of being in a car accident.”

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