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Shop Profile: Orlando's Super Center Auto Body Repair; All Tampa Autobody Repair

Business sees success via lean production, remote vehicle pickup points
Friday, September 6, 2013 - 08:31
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Along with eagerly embracing lean production techniques at the two high-volume body shops they operate in Florida, brothers Frank and John Campopiano are equally sold on the value of offering pickup and delivery services from satellite sites that boost the respective marketing spheres.

“It gives us a link to a 30-mile radius,” says John Campopiano. “People don’t want to ‘cross the bridge,’ so we do the transportation for them. The satellite locations are a huge plus for us.”

Supporting Orlando’s Super Center Auto Body Repair shop is a satellite in Altamonte Springs that includes an Enterprise rental facility. The Clearwater satellite in the Tampa area hosts a larger Enterprise rental and retired-vehicle sales outlet. “We have a multicar transport, and we move several loads a day” to the main repair centers. Upon completion the vehicles are delivered back to the satellites for convenient customer pickup.

Crashes are quite common within the Orlando region as “Interstate 4 is practically a disaster every day,” according to John, who attributes the highway mayhem to “all the tourists – they don’t know where they are going, and they are always just looking around.”

Referrals from previous customers bring a solid flow of vehicles coming through the bay doors. “A key reason word-of-mouth is so strong is that we educate our customers when they come in here we take them through a checklist so they understand the extent of repair, what potential delays there may be,” he says, “and then we give them a copy so they understand.

The client-centric service aspect is further enhanced by the in-house presence of concierge offices representing several insurance carriers, “which makes it easier for them to see what’s going on,” John points out. “When they’re in the building, we help educate adjustors on repairs and they get to see the repairs in process.” About 80 percent of the shop’s business comes through DRPs. “We get along well with all the insurers,” he says, “we give them a quality product.”

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