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Factory certified leader

Interest in lightweight metals propels Oregon shops to new heights
Friday, November 6, 2015 - 08:00
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Paying close attention to the finer points of collision repairs and providing topflight customer service have set a course of success for Oregon’s award-winning Precision Body & Paint.

With two locations in Beaverton and Bend, this year marks the operation’s 40th anniversary as the business has weathered several economic downturns, pressures from the insurance industry and massive shifts in the collision repair industry as a whole, according to owner Ron Reichen.

At a glance
Name of shop:
Precision Body & Paint
Main location:
Beaverton, Ore.
Ronald Reichen
Number of shops:
Years in business:
Number of employees:
Number of DRPs:
Total square footage:
Number of bays:
Average cycle time
12.9 days
Average repair order:
Average weekly income:
Number of customer vehicles per week:
Annual gross revenue:
$10.8 million
Paint supplier:
Frame machines used:
Car-O-Liner, Celette, Chief, Kansas Jack
Estimating systems used:
Audatex, CCC, Mitchell

Emphasizing a management philosophy of continuous improvement, Reichen says he actually relishes such challenges, an attitude that goes back to his family roots.

“My grandparents were immigrants from Switzerland and we had a dairy farm. My grandfather, Chris Reichen, was a strong organizer; the expectations were high and failure was not an option.”

Chores and schoolwork were steady routines that a young Ron Reichen readily embraced, especially when his dad Francis passed away and Ron was called upon during his high school years to start managing the farm.

“My metabolism was established at a young age,” he says, characteristics that have carried on to this day. “I’m not happy unless I’m doing five different things at once. I leave the house at 4:30 or 5 in the morning and I get home at around 8 or 8:30 in the evening.” The demanding schedule comes naturally and without complaint, and it still includes a commitment to excellence as evidenced by Ron’s personal and professional motto: “If it’s good enough to do, it’s good enough to over-do.”

In 2003 Precision took on its biggest challenge ever – setting out on a relatively uncharted path for an independently owned shop as it pursued a factory certified collision repair model. Since then, the company has severed all ties with direct repair programs (DRPs), and to-date has earned recognitions from more than 20 manufacturers ranging from European automakers such as Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Volkswagen, to domestic manufacturers that include Tesla, Dodge and GMC.

Touting a tagline of “Oregon’s Leader in Factory Certified Collision Repair,” Precision has obtained more factory certifications than any other shop in the Pacific Northwest.

According to Reichen, being a factory certified independent shop is both the chief marketing advantage and also the source of a principal challenge – educating the customer about the value of factory certified body repair. “Many customers view collision repair as a commodity-like service, assuming they will get essentially the same outcome regardless of which collision repairer they choose,” Reichen reports.




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