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Workplace happiness leads to motivated staff: Part 2

Monday, July 1, 2019 - 07:00
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Last month, I wrote about the importance of establishing a team of happy, hardworking and motivated employees and leaders. HR specialist and consultant Patty McCord, during a TED talk podcast, broke down happiness within a company into eight simple lessons. This month, we’ll tackle lessons four through eight that can give us an excellent guide to follow as owners and managers in the collision repair industry. 

Lesson 5: Everyone in the company should be able to handle the truth.

In our industry there is a lot of opportunity for mistakes. Some of them can be costly to the business or even deadly to the customer. We repair cars. We must repair them safely in accordance to the manufacturer recommendations. When I think of how this lesson applies to our industry, I think of how we must provide an environment where employees don’t feel offended if they have repaired a vehicle wrong, but rather learn the correct way to repair it. I am a firm believer in feedback, but I like how Mrs. McCord states, “Let’s rethink ‘feedback,’ and think about it as telling people the truth, the honest truth, about what they’re doing right and what they are doing wrong, in the moment when they’re doing it.”  

Lesson 6: Your company needs to live out its own values.

Practice what you preach. As a manager you need to show your team that you are willing to work beside them. That you are willing to advocate for them when needed. Listen to their ideas. That you value them as employees. As a leader show what you expect from your team by demonstrating customer satisfaction. This will have a trickle-down effect with all your employees. This then translates to your customers. Set the example, that is the reason you are the manager or owner. If you do this, then I guarantee you will have motivated employees willing to follow your example and provide exceptional service.  

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