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Commitment to excellence, customer service spurs Curry Collision Center's success

Thursday, February 7, 2013 - 11:53
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Candidates are carefully screened to ensure a good fit with the shop's culture of being highly organized with a spirit of cooperation. "Having somebody skilled and having somebody 'corporate' is key," Mueller says. "You need someone who understands the repair process, yet if you have someone who's 'my way or the highway' it makes it very difficult." Thus hiring people just starting out in the work world and training them for further advancement has been a more effective strategy.

Not only does an overriding commitment to excellence bring in consistent repeat business and referrals, but the Curry operation even gets business from a competing dealership that carries a half-dozen vehicle lines. "He will send his cars to us over their own body shop because we do a better job," Mueller says.

Guaranteed results

With the presence of Indiana University in Bloomington, the shop's serve-the-customer aspect is especially important when reaching out to patrons who have immigrated into the campus environment from overseas.

"The Asian market is growing, and when they come to town they buy a new car – they buy Cadillacs, BMWs and other high-end vehicles for the resale value. A lot of them don't carry full coverage so they pay for their own repairs," he says.

Having a strong warranty is another selling point for a transient population. "With the university, a lot of kids come and then they go back home, and Mom and Dad like the idea that the repair comes with a guarantee that comes back home with them."


Students, women, and customers who don't speak English very well, or anyone else unfamiliar with the repair process, require competent communication from everyone at the shop, according to Mueller.

"You have to be patient with them and put things in terms they understand," he says. "Be warm and heartfelt with them – don't try to overwhelm them with words – take them out (to the shop floor) and show them what's going on."


A well-appointed waiting room with amenities such as a flat screen television, his and her restrooms, beverages and entertaining reading material produces a pleasant atmosphere. An on-site Enterprise car rental office and a work/home shuttle service further enhance customer convenience.

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