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Winning customers for life

Friday, November 16, 2012 - 14:31
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ALL OF US like to be treated as if we are someone special when we patronize any business. Even if we aren't VIPs, it's nice to feel like we are. Has there been any time that you can remember where you were treated with that type of service? If you have, I'll bet you remember the experience. When you remember that feeling, you just want to go back again, don't you?

Wouldn't it be great if you could create that feeling with your customers in your shop? It's possible, and, in fact, many companies are realizing one of the most important keys to continued success is to do just that. In fact, most insurance companies are focusing on the claims experience as a way to earn and retain their policyholders. It has become important to insurance providers as the market becomes increasingly competitive.


A prime example of a company that has taken this aspect of customer service to the highest degree is Walt Disney. Nearly all of us have been to a Disney park. Many of us, multiple times. Why? It isn't cheap. It's hot, and there are long lines for attractions. However, the parks are spotless, the service is great and you just feel good when you go. In short, you get treated very well, and you love the feeling. Disney does such a great job, everyone wants to go, even Super Bowl winners. Obviously, these parks offer much more than great service, but it is a cornerstone of their business, and the key is they know this.

That's step one, knowing that customer service is an important part of your business.

In an earlier article, I discussed mostly the front end – greeting the customer-type aspects of customer service to help win or capture the job. What happens after you win the repair, however, is even more important. In reality, winning repeat customers is very much a common-sense approach to operating your business. It's taking what you would want, as a customer, and enhancing it and making it part of your repair process. Yes, I said process. You cannot wing it and expect to consistently produce great results. You have to develop a process and follow it.

Quality repairs are part of great customer service for sure, but you cannot only fix cars and expect to get stellar results. You have to fix the people, the vehicle owners as well. Psychology plays a big part in making your customers feel comfortable leaving you with one of their most important and expensive possessions – their vehicles.

We aren't going to teach psychology in this article, but we will address the tangible things that you can do to affect great service. I suggest you read all you can about this subject, especially in articles and books that address the psychological aspects of the process. Mastering this is important.

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