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New England dealership’s Lista storage system stands the test of time

Tuesday, January 14, 2014 - 09:00
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AlphaCars and Ural of New England is known throughout the region for selling and servicing high end vehicles. The dealership does everything in its power to exceed the expectations of the most demanding customers when it comes to attention to details and quality of the work, parts and material. They backed up this pledge by building a state-of-the-art ergonomically designed service facility about ten years ago. Topping off the new service facility with a museum-like, tiled interior, AlphaCars installed an integrated tool storage wall with tambour doors that provide a clean and neat interior to fit the image. When some of the tambour doors began to show signs of stress, Lista International replaced them all with a brand new design, even after nearly a decade of constant use. Talk about exceeding customer expectations!

Integrated tool storage designed to fit the sleek and modern image
AlphaCars and Ural of New England is a one-stop service facility, specializing in service and repairs of all systems in such high-end vehicles as BMW, Mercedes, Mini, Land Rover, Porsche, Audi, and Volkswagen. The Boxborough, MA dealership also services Russian-made Ural motorcycles, one of a very few in the region to do so.

About a decade ago, AlphaCars completed a new service facility, patterned more on the lines of a car museum than a classic service facility. Completely tiled and fitted out with a sleek and modern interior, owner and general manager Dmitry Bykhovsky was looking for a tool storage solution that would fit well within the atmosphere he was going for.

Before making a selection, Bykhovsky explained, he did thorough research, investigating a variety of options, including what he calls “some large and pretty fancy tool boxes” for each technician in the 6-bay service area. What he opted for instead of the traditional individual workbench and tool box was the Lista storage wall solution, a modular drawer, shelf, and roll-out tray storage system that offers maximum weight and cubic volume capacity, and is available in a variety of heights to take advantage of all vertical space.

He was able to custom-design the space so the entire front wall of the service bays is a large storage wall with integrated workbench, toolbox and storage. Roll down tambour doors gave him just the clean, streamlined look he envisioned for the space. “The cost of comparable footage for quality toolboxes would have been three times more than the Lista storage wall solution,” said Bykhovsky. 

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