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It’s not about the money — it's about great management

Monday, September 3, 2018 - 07:00
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“The biggest motivator isn’t financial,” Jost said. “I’ve read that 100 times and I never really believed it until I started digging into it. A lot of it is just strong communication and positive reinforcement. Go tell the guys, ‘You know, you really killed it today.’ Tell the painters, ‘You know, that was really tough color. Thanks for sticking with it'.”

There can be a financial element to showing them you care about and appreciate them, the shop owners each said, but that’s not about the pay plan.

“In the summer, we’ll do a fieldtrip, take them all to a ballgame or some sort of function, to keep everyone feeling like part of a team,” Jost said. “Healthcare is one of the ones we try to take care of everybody as family. We have a really strong package for that, the percentage of that we pay for them and their spouse and family.”

But the appreciation can also be simple.

“If you’ve worked somewhere for a period of time, you want to be recognized for that,” Sgro said. “We have an employee coming up on a 10-year anniversary with us. We always do something for those anniversaries.”

I’ll share more of Paul and Barry’s suggestion for motivating your team in my upcoming columns.

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