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How to develop an unbreakable shop culture

Friday, February 1, 2019 - 09:00
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In order to develop an unbreakable culture in your business, we must first understand what “culture” is. Culture is typically defined as an integrated pattern of human knowledge, belief and behavior — the outlook, attitudes, values, morals goals and customs shared by a group of people.

Discover Leadership Training defines culture as the warm, living, breathing part of your business. It is the people in your business, their habits, beliefs, knowledge and interactions, both with each other and your customer. Your business culture is simply defined as “the way we do things around here.” It is the fundamental values that are the foundation of ALL of the decisions made in your business.

Let’s take a moment to compare the difference between a strong business culture and a weak business culture.

Strong Business Culture

Positive Environment

The Leader Empowers & Inspires

Environment of Excitement & Enthusiasm

Team members are empowered and encouraged to ask questions

Team members are eager to learn & grow

An attitude focused on the potential of success is created

All team members are special & respected as individuals

Team members are challenged to go beyond the norms and create new possibilities

Weak Business Culture

Negative Environment

The Manager Dictates

Co-workers bad mouth leadership

Employees are afraid to ask questions

Employees make excuses & blame others

Employees see NO future

Judgements are made about individuals

The standards are lowered

How can you know that you have an unbreakable culture? Listen to the conversation your internal customer (your team) and your external customer (your clients) are saying about you. To paraphrase one of my favorite Bible verses, you will know them by their fruit. Said another way, action speaks louder than words. Taking an honest look at the culture that’s been created may be an eye-opening experience, or it may just reinforce what you already knew. Whatever the current state of affairs is, we all occupy the largest room in the house, and that is the room for improvement. 

Ready to make some changes? Here are my top 10 ways to positively develop an unbreakable business culture.

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