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Determine your own set of non-negotiables

Monday, October 29, 2018 - 07:00
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We are an industry that, at least in the abstract, when we are thinking logically, seems to understand the need to follow the OEM collision repair procedures. But unfortunately, in day-to-day practice, there are those – shops, technicians and insurers ­– who still second-guess that.

“We’ve being doing it this other way for 30 years, so…,” they tell themselves.

But, folks, I’m here to remind you there are some non-negotiables.

Bruce Halcro of Capital Collision Center in Helena, Mont., spells out what he calls the “laws” in his shop, the non-negotiables for his business. To make it crystal clear, it’s on every computer screen in his office. You may or may not agree with his list, but it’s worth at least considering. He tells his staff there are four things that aren’t negotiable. We do not, Halcro says, negotiate:

            1. Anything that has to do with the law.

            2. Anything that is an OEM procedure.

            3. Anything that is in the estimating system procedure pages.

            4. Rates.

Now, I’m not here to say you have to adopt that complete list in your business. I personally believe the latter two items on his list are business decisions that you can choose to make. He has decided they are not negotiable. You may make a business decision that’s different.

But here’s the deal: The first two items on that list are NOT a business decision. They cannot be negotiable. You have to follow the law and you have to follow the OEM repair procedures.

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