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Build customers for life by prioritizing these 3 focuses in your business

Tuesday, November 20, 2018 - 09:00
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Creating an exceptional experience for our customers, both external and internal, is our goal at all three of our shops. Our internal customers are our teammates and employees; our external customers are the people who need the services we offer. I have talked in previous columns on how we live by a set of core company values and they can be summed up by our mission: “Care for people and deliver excellence.,” That is where exceptional customer service begins and ends. Yes, there is a lot in between to ensure this experience, nevertheless if you do not care about people or want to deliver excellence, in my opinion, you will never consistently deliver an exceptional repair experience. There are three factors we focus on to develop an exceptional experience for our customers.

A good place to start the journey of improving the customer experience is to identify all your potential customer touchpoints, keeping the customer in mind for each one and then creating scripts and guides to ensure a consistent, exceptional experience for all your customers.  

Customer touchpoints

The first touchpoint we have with our customers varies. Some of our clients go through our website or another online avenue to request estimates and appointments, some are referred through insurance direct repair programs and others simply walk in to start the repair process. It is important that you identify and understand all the potential touchpoints you have with your customers. Once you have them identified, create talking points for each situation and most importantly, role play. Creating these scripts is best done with your customer service team; giving everyone on the team input. It is much better to have their involvement in this process. As the customer service team trains through role playing, it will allow them to work through the awkwardness. The more and more we practice making the talking points and scripts our own for each of these touchpoints, the more confident we become.   

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Communication plan

Always over communicate and exceed expectations. Again, we want to ensure a focus on internal and external customers. No one likes to feel as if they are left in the dark, unclear about the process. It could be from external customers, “They are not even working on my car,” or from internal customers, “They don't care about the stress I’m under and what is on my plate.”  Think about your personal relationships for a moment. When you are not communicating with someone, do you think the best or worst of them? Human nature always assumes the worst.

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