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Want more employees? Take a look at your insurance

Thursday, July 26, 2018 - 07:00
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When it comes to hiring new employees, you want the best for your business. From the potential employee’s view, they want certain things, too. And there are factors many potential hires take into consideration when looking at a lower-paying job. 

According to a Fractl survey of 2,000 people in various career fields, approximately 80 percent say better health, dental and vision insurance is the main factor they consider when weighing their options for a lower-paying job. That outpaces flexible hours, more vacation time and other paid leave and financial assistance. 

Additionally, reports that wanting and needing benefits is a top three requirement for employees. 

They want it, and now it’s easier than before to provide benefits to your employees – current and potential – than before. NAPA Insurance Center Director Jack Calabrese walked through how participating in a group insurance program can save businesses money, often right away. 

In the free webinar “Insurance Insights: A look at How Insurance Benefits Benefit Your Shop,” Calabrese shares real-world examples of how participating in a group like the NAPA Insurance Center saved shops between 30 and 35 percent on their healthcare plans. 

You can watch the short webinar for free by clicking here. It’s great insight into what employees look for and how shopping around can benefit your business.

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