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The value of training

It may be expensive to train your employees, but it will cost a lot more if you don’t train them.
Thursday, June 13, 2013 - 08:53
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  1. Improvement of the capability and productivity of your staff. Almost everything you do in daily life you learned through some type of training. Even something as elemental as tying your shoes, you were trained to do by someone. The first few times you did it, you were slow and tentative. Now you can do it with your eyes closed.

    The same gain in efficiency can be realized by you and your staff through training and education. The more efficient and experienced someone becomes, the more productive they are. When they produce more, they, and your shop, earn more. Cycle times are reduced, fewer mistakes are made and waste is minimized. You can produce more units in less time, and make more money. Still wondering how training can benefit you?
  2. A better and safer product to your customers. All of us have seen a vehicle that was improperly repaired by another shop. Some I have seen are unbelievable. I don’t know how they ever got delivered. Often poor repairs are the result of a lack of knowledge, not a lack of effort. Continuing education will help prevent your employees from lacking the knowledge needed to safely repair today’s vehicles.

    Education is an ongoing process that should never stop. Remember too that your master techs can and should be teachers. Their knowledge should be available to everyone in the shop so the entire staff can benefit. Try to foster an environment that encourages this type of training in addition to the standard book training.
  1. A safer work environment for your employees. Has you workers comp insurance gone up recently? Mine has, even without an injury. I can’t imagine what it would cost if someone was hurt on the job. Safety education is very important and often an overlooked education opportunity that will provide you with tremendous benefit.

    How productive is your shop when you are down one or two employees? I know mine suffers greatly when that happens. The remaining employees have to pick up the slack and being overtaxed often leads to costly mistakes, missed damage and poor repairs. None of this should be acceptable. Safer, healthier employees tend to be longer-tenured employees, and keeping people on staff is less expensive than hiring new people.
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