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Third-party verification ensures proper repairs

Tuesday, January 27, 2015 - 09:00
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Several months ago I wrote about the need for all of us to do the right repair the right way on every car. There’s too much riding on it to risk doing anything less than a 100 percent repair, 100 percent of the time.

I mentioned that one of a number of ways my company ensures that that happens is through third-party verification. There are several options shops have for a third-party verification system; we happen to use VeriFacts Automotive, but my point here is not to promote a particular provider but to understand why we find an outside verification service so valuable.

We’ve been working with VeriFacts for more than seven years. One of the first things they do is check to make sure you have the proper equipment, ability and quality control processes to repair a car correctly. That’s important because while the right facility, training and equipment don’t necessarily result in quality repairs, they increase the likelihood that cars will be fixed correctly. Lacking any of those certainly lowers the odds of quality repairs.

Whatever outside verification system you use, your employees should be educated on what to expect. VeriFacts representatives conduct in-shop seminars explaining the program to employees, emphasizing they would be there to coach, not to criticize.

Now the technician assessment providers come into each of our shops once a month, unannounced. They dig pretty deep into the vehicles being repaired. They’re not just looking for color match or tape lines or dirt in the paint. They’ll certainly point those things out, but they’re going beyond the cosmetic.

They’re checking to see if we had the proper documentation for the welding and sectioning procedures. They’re inspecting welds and looking for corrosion protection. Are we taking off too much e-coat when grinding? Are the quality control sheets filled out correctly and up-to date?

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