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Plan ahead for open enrollment later this year

Tuesday, July 17, 2018 - 07:00
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When open enrollment for insurance and other benefits starts for companies later this year, your shop can offer a new option for employees: a new health insurance plan. 

Jack Calabrese, director, NAPA Insurance Center, explains very simply that when you are able to align yourself as a part of a group, you are able to take advantage of larger savings on insurance. 

It’s much like the benefits of being part of a buying group for parts and product. Using the NAPA Insurance Center as an example, the group offers nationally discounted health benefits and comprehensive insurance for the NAPA family. 

Calabrese stresses the two big benefits are offering insurance in a larger group helps you not only save but also remain in compliance. 

You can learn more about insurance and how joining a group can benefit your shop in “Insurance Insights: A look at How Insurance Benefits Benefit Your Shop,” a short webinar from NAPA. Watch for free by clicking here

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