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Making spray-on bed liners pay off

Monday, March 2, 2015 - 09:00
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Product options
A final benefit of selling spray-on liners to keep in mind is the variety of offerings. Some bed liners can be color matched to the vehicle and others offer benefits such as UV and fade resistance.

Some dealers also sell liners as vehicle undercoatings and protective coating for the tops of RVs; the floors, bumpers and fenders of off-road and other vehicles; and the floors of animal trailers, where they prevent damage and slipping.

Bed liner companies regularly roll out products to meet a host of market needs. If your shop joins this industry, you could be looking at a filling a niche that is both stable and steadily expanding.

Additional uses
Spray-on polyurethane coatings are not just for truck bed liners. They also protect fenders, bumpers, floor boards, nerf bars and trim. In fact, whole vehicles have been sprayed. The same polyurethane spray can be applied to emergency vehicles, commercial transport, heavy construction, agriculture equipment and boats.

Spraying polyurethane serves two purposes: First, it adds years of service by preventing scratching, rusting and chemical contamination from deteriorating standard OEM paint. Second, it can created a roughed-up, anti-skid or anti-slip surface.

Some coatings, using a similar spray system, have been applied to military and private vehicles for blast mitigation.

The Mythbusters tested myths about bed liners in 2011 and confirmed it to be an adequate protection against dents in minor crashes (applied on a car), dog bites (applied on a jacket) and explosive blasts (applied on a wooden or brick wall).

Only two types of coatings are mentioned so far, but additives can be added to coatings to provide different characteristics, although this is about truck bed liners, the protective coatings can be applied in many other environments and have a variety of needs and purposes besides a simple truck bed liner.

It is becoming more popular to coat the exterior of vehicles and boats. This is because there are more companies competing in these markets, and therefore developing better solutions. So now you see companies like Rhino Linings, Line-X, and Scorpion providing solutions for exterior and colors. These solutions also transfer over to the interior of boats because of the waterproof and anti-corrosive properties that polyurethane and epoxy hold. So revenue can be obtained from multiple different industries, not just the pickup owners.

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