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Look for and encourage these leadership traits in your employees

Friday, June 29, 2018 - 06:00
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This is the third part in a series of articles in the MSO Supplement on the importance of establishing leaders in your MSO business. In the first part I covered the difference between management and leadership. Briefly management is about strategy and organization and coordinating. Leadership is about social influence of others in accomplishing tasks. The difference is in ability to influence the hearts and minds of people. It is what that person feels inside that can be such a great motivator, caused by the words and/or actions of the leader. I established that leaders can be born and they can be developed or a combination thereof. I suggested that you become a ‘coach’ to help turn some of your managers into leaders.

In the last part I talked about what difference it makes in terms of business performance. I also covered leadership ‘style’, including attributes and behaviors. It included the following top 10 list:

1. A real leader listens firsts and acts second.

2. A real leader knows what they don't know.

3. A real leader doesn't make decisions in the heat of the moment.

4. A real leader gives constructive, not negative, feedback.

5. A real leader never acts like the smartest person in the room.

6. A leader focuses on the strengths of people.

7. A real leader cultivates a positive culture.

8. A real leader does what has to be done.

9. A real leader always finds a way.

10. A real leader celebrates the process as much as the rewards.

I concluded by covering how perfecting our own skills is the best place to start in passing leadership skills on to others.

Next steps

To continue let’s get into what are the next steps. As we refine our own leadership skills a measurement of our success will be in how effective we are in influencing the hearts and minds of others. The traits we observe in others will be the evidence. This leads to the question, “what traits do we want to see and cultivate in our employees?” Let’s look at a few:

Compliance. Obedience. Performing tasks as directed as well as complying with company operating procedures is important. However we are looking for something more compelling and powerful. It doesn’t necessarily take a great leader to get some people to perform some tasks. A harsh dictator can accomplish that, causing people to perform tasks out of fear instead of personal motivation. We’re looking for leadership that inspires people to perform and also become leaders.

Competence. A good indicator of intelligence and understanding. Beyond that it indicates the individual cares. They have taken their responsibilities to heart and are completing their tasks successfully.

Enthusiasm. This is a great indicator. Indicative of an internal desire to accomplish and showing motivation. There is a very positive aspect to people who display motivation.

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