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How your repair shop's online presence can beat out the competition

Tuesday, January 23, 2018 - 09:00
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Regardless of the nature of your business, being seen on the Internet is a highly recommended way to getting more calls from paying customers. This includes customers who are not looking for you specifically, yet they need your services. People who would usually go to your competitors would now be calling your auto body repair shop instead!

With a strong online presence for your shop, once they search for auto body repair on the Internet, they will see your shop on the first page of the results, and that will undoubtedly lead to more calls for you. Very few people actually go to the second page, which is why it should be your priority to get your shop on the first page and keep it there

Internet exposure through an optimized website as well as a place on the grid of Google Maps will make your business become visible to hundreds of users, and you will get more calls from paying customers.

Online search marketing has significantly grown in the past several years as online search continues to develop from a novelty to a standard and regular feature in our everyday lives.

Use Your Small Business Advantages to Compete with the Big Players

  • Keyword Targeting

Big brands often choose not to target specific keywords or are unable to use them for several reasons. The SEO keyword universe is limitless, and while the large companies are restricted to using specific ones by rule, a small business can take advantage of it. For example, a large collision repair center brand would definitely target keywords like “auto body shop,”  As a small company can attract a more specific audience with long-tail keywords such as “auto body shop Las Vegas NV.” or “collision repair Las Vegas.”

Broad or "short tail" keywords are one or two words such as "collision repair" and refer to more commonly used shorter and generic terms people search for and target a broad audience. Long tail keywords are keyword phrases that are typically made up of three to five words such as "collision repair in Las Vegas NV" which are longer and target a more specific audience.  Long tail keywords aren't as popular, but are more targeted to specific searches and come with less competition; therefore are more affordable

  • Brand Authority & Specific Niches

A large, national collision repair center will focus on history and the quality of their services. Your local auto body repair shop can have a blog that focuses on “How to protect your car’s paint in the winter,” “Why it’s important to repair your cracked windshield,” “Where can I purchase auto body parts,” etc. Give your future customers valuable advice and not just sales tricks. Get those undecided people’s attention by teaching them what is suitable for them, and not just telling them how professional your technicians are.

  • Quality Content

Finally, all of the above should be integrated in your website content. While large companies need to be really organic in their contents, as they cannot possibly cover everything that they do in small articles, you can invest 10 times more effort in a single piece of content. Set keywords that are extremely important for your business and create that quality content, giving valuable information, options, and building the trust of its readers.

I will walk you step by step through a proven process to move your shop to the top of the list:

  1. Select Your Keywords

First, put together a list of keywords that reflect your services. You might try keywords such as “local auto body repair shop,” “collision repair center,” “auto body shop,” and “auto body paint.”

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