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How to be more efficient in your shop

Thursday, June 6, 2019 - 06:00
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Yes, efficiency is a big industry buzzword, but it’s for a good reason. 

From saving money to making more of it, the more efficient your painters are, the better the shop performs. Using a painter’s perspective can help you make the changes you need (without buying new equipment in most cases) to be a more efficient shop. 

That’s where Jason Garfoot comes in. Garfoot, senior technical advisor with Global Finishing Solutions, has more than 14 years of experience in the collision repair industry, including as a head painter and foreman with his own custom motorcycle fabrication and airbrushing business.

He knows about efficiency and has watched processes implemented and small steps taken that mean big money for a shop. 

For example, one small change is ensuring that a spray gun is set up properly. It sounds quite simple, but being off by even 2 pounds can make a large negative impact on efficiency. 

Garfoot explains all of this in the free webinar Using Paint Booth Technology to Increase Efficiency. Watch the fast-paced webinar and discover the simple ways your shop can improve efficiency. 

When you take small changes like that, among others, it is easy to see how it breaks down. For example, if the average U.S. work order is $3,000 and the average gross profit per vehicle is $1,200, then adding one more vehicle per day would mean your shop could make, on average, $26,100 more per month.

That adds up to $313,200 more per year – all by making small changes and being more efficient in the paint booth.

After all, a painter is the best resource for knowing the right changes to make to operate more smoothly, so Garfoot’s expertise here is strong. 

Watch the additional ways you can increase efficiency in the webinar featuring Garfoot. From equipment best practices to tools and even working with your distributors more, he has the knowledge you need to become more efficient.

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