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Focus on three improvements for your shop

Wednesday, June 5, 2019 - 06:00
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For most everyone in business there is far too much to do and too much information to reasonably digest. Both suppliers and shops generate and receive an overwhelming amount of information daily. There is always the latest innovation, critical concern or alarming piece of information.

If that first paragraph sounds familiar, it is from a previous article “Avoid Rabbit Holes,” and this article follows along similar lines. With all the changes and the avalanche of information and things that need to be done or improved or implemented etc. There is simply too much to do for most of us mere mortals to get done.  There still needs to be ways or methods to get all the important things addressed.

Managing and prioritizing our time seem to be a critical consideration every day. The old rule of A, B and C priorities still works, where the A priorities are those things on your written list, that absolutely need to get done. The B items are things you want to get done but might be done (at least partially by others) and the C are on your list would be nice to get done but are not mission critical.

Taking the ABC priority list a little further along with a little introspective, we need to face the fact that despite how great of multi-taskers we all think we are, there is a limit to how many things we can be working on at the same time. Priority tasks need priority time. Limiting your priorities to three each day not only provides quality time, but it still allows for the inevitable flow of interruptions that pry their way into our day.

Focusing on three improvements may be even more important for making progress with improvements in the body shop environment. With all the changes in materials, methods, training needs, technology etc.  Improvements can seem over whelming. Breaking them down into bite size pieces and strategically working on the highest priorities first we are much more likely to get more things done.

In the morning when you’re reviewing (and maybe adjusting) your written A-B-C tasks for the day consider this.  Pick the top three A priorities and focus on them. Dedicating yourself to those top three is the most likely way to insure you make the most progress possible.  

Why three? Some of us believe we are great multi-taskers or jugglers and can easily handle more than three “A” priorities at any given time. Well maybe, but this is not true for most mere mortals. Our main job as a business leader is to communicate with co-workers, business allies, subordinates and customers. Our audience will most always be able to hear, remember and act on three tasks or concepts. Consider how often the rule of three shows up in memorable ways throughout of lives.

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