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Five rules to guide your business into the app world

Friday, November 1, 2019 - 06:00
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Lakewood, Ohio, which sits just 15 minutes from ABRN’s offices, recently passed an ordinance making cellphone use while driving a primary offense within its city limits. Using a cellphone while driving is a secondary offense under Ohio law, but now Lakewood police will be able to pull over drivers simply for using their cellphones.

Such are the steps many localities are taking to protect pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers. With data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration showing over 40,000 accidents a year (and 4,000 deaths) the results of distracted driving, legislators are doing whatever they can to separate drivers from their phones.

(Photo courtesy of Body Shop Booster) Working with an existing App like Body Shop Booster can boost your revenue $10,000 and more in just the first month, if you adopt product recommendations like follow-up.

Cellphones and driving don’t mix, obviously. But they do have their place in the automotive world, especially as communication hubs supplying directions and other information. In the repair world, smartphones are proving their worth as tools shops can leverage to build and improve their businesses. Mobile apps, in particular, are delivering both business and data repairers are turning into significant revenue.

Has your shop gotten into the app game yet? If your answer is “no,” it’s probably time to change course. Like any new technology being offered to you, apps require proper scrutiny. Knowing what they can offer and how is the key to deciding how to utilize them for maximum effect in your shop. 

Use the following five app rules to guide the direction you take.

But first, apps and mobile websites: Knowing the difference

Before diving into the world of collision repair apps, gaining an in-depth understanding of how they function work and differ from competing technologies like mobile websites is necessary.

Apps are, as their name indicates, mobile applications designed to work on devices like tablets and smartphones. They differ from mobile websites (which you shop likely already has) mainly because (1) they’re designed to perform specific functions and use a more-intuitive interface (2) they take advantage of available mobile features such as GPS, location and camera.

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