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Digital marketing solutions for the collision repair shop

Friday, November 1, 2019 - 06:00
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Accidents can happen.

A customer failing to choose your business for repairs is an accident you can easily avoid.

No matter where we are today, we’re always connected. That connectivity has led to an evolved consumer. That evolved consumer is changing the ways we as collision repairers market our services.

While word of mouth is still the most effective form of advertising for collision repair, many have failed to grasp that word-of-mouth is now online. The recommendations and reviews of the interconnected internet, drive customer research and ultimately the final repair decision.

Digital marketing solutions for today’s is critical in ensuring your business has the best chance possible of being found and standing out among the long list of shops competing for attention in online searches. The standards for having a strong digital presence are constantly changing, and reputable companies who offer these services stay up to date on trends that explain what people are searching for on Google, how they are using social media to find out more about a business and how they are responding to what they find. There is a lot more that goes into a shop’s digital presence than simply having a website.

One important focus of a digital campaign is called PPC or pay-per-click. When a business runs a PPC campaign, they enter a bid for their ad to appear in one of the top spots on Google’s search result pages when a user enters a keyword into the search box that might have something to do with their business. If their ad shows up in one of those top, sponsored spots and a user clicks on it, the business pays Google a small fee. For example, it may cost the shop $2 if a user clicks on one of their sponsored ads, but if the click results in a new customer choosing to bring their vehicle to that shop, the click has paid for itself.

The agency handling the campaign for the body shop looks at three main characteristics that impact ads submitted for PPC campaigns: ad relevancy, ad copy and estimated CTR, or click-through rate. This is the analysis of how many clicks each PPC ad receives after it has been displayed in Google’s top search results a certain number of times. If adjustments need to be made to improve the CTR, the agency steps in and makes changes that will yield better results and get the most out of the campaign budget set aside by the business.

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