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5 ways to embrace sustainable change in your repair shop

Wednesday, August 1, 2018 - 06:00
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The collision repair industry is experiencing massive change. This change is creating an enormous amount of stress and undesirable circumstances for shop owners, insurance companies and everyone in between.

As these circumstances continue to change the landscape of the industry, we cannot focus on taking the well-worn path of least resistance around the circumstances and changes. That path will not allow us to arrive at the place we need in order to remain successful and moving forward.

NOW is the time you must be willing to step up and embrace the change. NOW is the time to push through the circumstances you cannot control to get to what you do want. Wow, that is HUGE. Did you get that?

I have coached people who were faced with tough circumstances outside of their control and their focus was to avoid the circumstance altogether and find the easy way out. They were willing to do whatever it took to just survive the circumstance.

Quite often in our programs at Discover Leadership Training, we deliberately push people outside of their comfort zone to get them to recognize there are ways to produce even better results when you step up and thrive in the midst of undesirable circumstances.

Think about this for just one second; if you see the change or circumstance you are experiencing as negative, wrong, or unfair then your assessment of the situation will determine the energy you approach the circumstance. In this instance it will drive you to mere survival. If you are in survival mode in this context, you will only do just enough to stay alive.

When most people get pushed outside of their comfort zone they will do everything within their power to restore calm, and get their life or situation back to normal. Ok, let's pause for a moment. Your normal is what got you into the circumstance you did not want in the first place. Returning to normal means you are moving backwards. Going back to normal also means that you are susceptible to repeating the circumstance and experiencing the pain again.

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