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When waterborne could be the answer in your shop

Tuesday, November 13, 2018 - 09:00
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As a painter, what is it that you want in a paint line? Whether you want paint that is easier to spray, features a better color match, comes with a backing of more training, it’s your job to make those wants known in the shop. 

For example, Dave Perales, a painter in coastal California, was clear with the shop’s owners that he was looking for a user-friendly paint. What they found to be the best option was Ultra 9K, the waterborne basecoat system from Sherwin-Williams. 

Perales is the subject of a case study in the new Sherwin-Williams whitepaper, “The Preference for Waterborne Paints.” And beyond the real-world examples Perales shares, the whitepaper outlines what painters should tell shop management, and what shop owners should be asking of their painters. 

The answer to what paint will work best might surprise you. 

For example, according to a Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes-commissioned study, more than 64 percent of shops have used waterborne in the past 12 months. The biggest reason: color match. 

But for Perales, he proposed the switch because of Ultra 9K’s ability to lay down like a solvent. Humidity wasn’t a concern for his shop; rather in some cases the air was too try. 

It’s an interesting consideration, given that humidity levels often are a cause for why a shop won’t make the switch. But with the real examples in the whitepaper, maybe there are different lines out there that might make a difference in your shop. 

In the end, painters just need to speak up and make sure shop ownership is asking the right questions. Click hereto read more.

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