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Valspar introduces new tools to improve accuracy of color matching

Wednesday, August 14, 2013 - 13:15
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Valspar Automotive recently introduced two new tools that make it easier for auto body professionals to match colors more accurately. Valspar Automotive Spectrophotometer takes color matching a step further by providing a computer-based interface that works with Valspar Color Software to instantly formulate solid base coat colors and also calculates and displays color match accuracy on effect colors. The Valspar Color Information Maps allow professionals to match colors using chips that are sprayed with Valspar Automotive paint to accurately depict the applied finish.

“These new tools were developed with extensive input from body shop professionals and address the critical need of depicting how a particular automotive finish will look,” said Peter Willman, General Manager of Valspar Automotive. “Valspar Automotive prides itself on providing the best in color-matching technology, support and service.”

The Valspar Spectrophotometer

The Valspar Automotive Spectrophotometer offers a precise color match with the click of a button, even colors that prove difficult to match. It is a versatile alternative when compared to other color matching tools in the market, offering a Smart Formulation Option that ensures a color match can be made in a variety of lighting conditions. The user-friendly interface ensures anyone in the body shop can use the Spectrophotometer to make an accurate color match. This means body shops can benefit from making the best color match possible with less rework and optimized profitability.

“Body shops must adhere to a high standard when it comes to detail, and this resource empowers those shops to easily make an exact match for the color they need,” said Willman. “We’re pleased to offer this tool to our customers.”

Valspar Color Information Maps

Valspar Automotive Color Information Maps are available in three different color books to represent solid colors, single stage colors and base coat effect colors. Professionals can search for colors by family, or match colors without a code. Additionally, the maps can be used to provide customers with a wide variety of color options when selecting a finish.

“Our new Color Information Maps are a great addition to our lineup of body shop tools,” said Willman. “These maps are a straightforward way for professionals in the field to find the right finish.”

For more information about these two new products, email AUTOMOTIVECUSTOMERSERVICE@VALSPAR.COM. To order either product, body shops should call their Valspar Sales Representative or contact Valspar Customer Service at 1-800-444-2399.


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