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Nitrogen enhances painting speed, efficiency

Wednesday, July 26, 2017 - 07:00
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CHICAGO — Infusing heat and Nitrogen when spraying paint leads to less material usage, faster drying times and improved cycle time.

But don't take my word for it. The lead painter at Count's Kustoms — Ryan Evans — has been painting cars for 26 years and vouches for the system's impact.

Evans demostrated the NitroHeat NitroMax system on the show floor at NACE Automechanika in Chicago. He laid a drop coat — using Sherwin-Williams paint — and is less than two minutes laid a second coat.

"In one coat you'll see the difference. The material lays better. There is no water, oils or moisture in the air," Evans said. Nitrogen is effective for both solvent and waterborne paint, so much so that Evans said, "to be spraying waterborne and not have this, it's like what the hell?"

Eddie Rivera, NitroHeat sales manager says using Nitrogen will return a 15 percent savings on materials, better transfer efficiency and a guaranteed 20 percent reduction in cycle time.

"The system is expensive, but you are able to recoup your cost so quickly," Evans said. There are minute differences in technique using the Nitrogen, and it in fact makes painting easier, he said.

"It has taken the challenge out of metallics. They are not blotched, striped and there is full coverage of the vehicle," Evans said.

Watch Evans demonstrate the system below!

"A Smarter Way To Apply Paint"



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