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A look at the latest coatings and products from paint suppliers

Saturday, June 1, 2019 - 07:00
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“Do you have a little time to talk about what we can do for your business?”

Sound familiar? No doubt a lot of your vendors ask this kind of question. While investing your valuable time in a discussion with a company rep may seem inconvenient, these talks can prove quite productive. Take your paint supplier. Odds are you’re content with the vendor you’ve chosen. But have you considered how much more a vendor could be doing for you?

Paint companies invest millions annually into developing new products and services to ensure your shop stays profitable so they can keep your business. Yet, if you’re simply sticking to the same few products there’s a great chance you’re only scratching the surface of where their offerings could take your work and revenue.

(Photo courtesy of Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes) Your paint department is the biggest revenue-creating part of your operation. By incorporating new products, you can maximize its throughput even further.

Don’t miss out. Consider what these new products from paint manufacturers could be doing for your shop.


If your shop sees its share of fleet work, restoration projects or concentrates on commercial vehicles, AkzoNobel has three new products you might want to consider.

Sikkens Autocoat BT LV262 Multi-Substrate Epoxy Primer is a two-component, high solids, 3.5 VOC product designed for commercial vehicle manufacturers, builders and fleet refinish markets. It can be used as a high-build surfacer or sealer and requires no pre-treatment (making for a faster and simpler application process). The primer also provides patented corrosion resistance technology effective on aluminum and multiple types of steel substrates, including galvanized and stainless. AkzoNobel says LV262 provides consistent performance in a wide range of environmental conditions, along with excellent flow, hold out and first-rate adhesion and durability.

(Photo courtesy of AkzoNobel) Products like Sikkens Autocoat BT LV151 DTM direct-to-metal topcoat are formulated to be easier to use, cutting time and reducing potential mistakes. They also can be used with other products to further reduce work times by accelerating drying.

Next up is Sikkens Autocoat BT LV151 DTM, a new generation 3.5 VOC emission direct-to-metal topcoat designed for OE builders, fleet repairer and refurbishing application businesses looking for coatings engineered to be simple to use and cost efficient. A straight forward 5:1 mix ratio helps minimize the risk of errors and allows the product to be mixed for three standard gloss levels: 30, 50 and 70 gloss. Since there’s no need to apply primers, material costs and application times both are reduced. For further time savings, LV151 TM offers an air-dry additive to accelerate room temperature drying.

In addition, the product utilizes Sikkens Autocoat BT solid color toner palette for a large range of existing color formulas and is free from lead, chromate and cobalt to protect the health of your employees and business.

Looking for an easy-to-apply clear coat? Sikkens Autocoat BT LV651 Glamour Clear promises easy sanding and polishing up to 72 hours after application. Improved sag resistance on large objects makes it suitable for commercial vehicle applications and can reduce defects on rivets, style lines and decals. AkzoNobel says LV651 Glamour Clear works with VOC accelerator for a wide range of applications and drying conditions.


Axalta offers repair and prep products formulated to work specifically with their finishes.

The company says its Cromax ChromaPremier Pro 36004S Ultra Performance Primer Filler is based on a new chemistry. It’s formulated to be easy to use with no flash-off between coats and offers a pot life longer than many competitors (30 minutes – 1 hour at 70 degrees Fahrenheit or 21 degrees Celsius).

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