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Increase your knowledge: The background of clearcoats

Tuesday, August 28, 2018 - 06:00
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Of all the changes to vehicles over the last few decades – both in terms of technology inside the vehicle and to the composition of the body – one thing has remained consistent in its use: clearcoats. 

So while the chemistry of a clearcoat has evolved, its use and importance has remained stable since its adoption by OEMs in the early 1980s. Clearcoats are made up of four main chemistries: resin, additives, catalysts and solvents. Working together, they make the important coating to be applied over the base color to provide superior gloss and more importantly production from the sun’s UV rays. 

The composition and important, long-term role clearcoats play in painting vehicles no matter their age is outlined in PPG’s new whitepaper, “A Primer on Clearcoats.” It is filled with information any painter of any level will find useful to help them select the right clearcoat for the job. 

Included in the free whitepaper is the Clearcoat Selection Guide, which can be printed and hung for easy and quick reference in the shop. Referencing the chart is important to do along with considering the size of the repair, equipment, warranty and what the final appearance is to be. This part of the whitepaper alone can help you choose a clearcoat, since there are four major categories for painters to choose from: air dry express, speed, production and glamour. 

Painters will expand their knowledge of applying clearcoats as well and their ability to make informed choices of type of clearcoat thanks to this new whitepaper. Click here to read the full report now. 

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