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Fall classes offered by Valspar Automotive Cover Refinish Systems

Monday, July 16, 2018 - 07:00
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Valspar® Automotive continues to provide comprehensive education for refinishers with I-CAR certified training at its centers located in Grand Prairie (Dallas), Texas and Sacramento, Calif. Color theory, hands-on application, and classroom learning for water and solvent technologies are included within the curriculum.                                                                                         

“In all our training courses, our goal is to send students home with everything they need to succeed in the shop,” says Valspar Automotive’s Technical Director Gary Kilby. “We want them to implement what they’ve learned and see how it improves throughput and affects the bottom line.”             

Select a class from the September, October, November and December schedule which focuses on all of Valspar Automotive’s Refinish Systems including Matrix Automotive Finishes®, Prospray Finishes®, DeBeer Refinish® and Valspar® Industrial Mix (VIM).

Training Center         Date(s)                        Course description

Grand Prairie              Sept 11-12                  Matrix C2C® Coast 2 Coast Intermix Color System                                                                                                   

Detroit                         Sept 18-19                  DeBeer Refinish WaterBase 900+ Series

Grand Prairie              Sept 18-19                  DeBeer Refinish BeroBase 500 Series                                                                                      

Grand Prairie              Sept 20-21                  DeBeer Refinish BeroBase 500 Series Color Theory

Grand Prairie              Sept 25-26                  DeBeer Refinish WaterBase 900+ Series

Sacramento                Sept 25-26                  Valspar Refinish VLB                                                                                                                         

Sacramento                Sept 27-28                  [Spanish] Valspar Refinish VLB

Grand Prairie              Oct 2-3                        Prospray Finishes LV System

Grand Prairie              Oct 9-10                      Valspar Industrial Mix (VIM) System

Sacramento                Oct 16-17                    DeBeer 900 LV

Detroit                         Oct 16-17                    DeBeer Refinish BeroBase 500 Series

Grand Prairie              Oct 16-17                    Valspar Refinish LVB

Sacramento                Oct 18-19                    [Spanish] DeBeer 900 LV

Grand Prairie              Oct 18-19                    Color Theory

Grand Prairie              Oct 23-24                    DeBeer Refinish BeroBase 500 Series

Grand Prairie              Nov 6-7                       Matrix C2C® Coast 2 Coast Intermix Color System

Grand Prairie              Nov 12-14                   DeBeer Refinish WaterBase 900+ Series

Grand Prairie              Nov 15-16                   DeBeer Refinish Color Theory

Grand Prairie              Nov 27-28                   Valspar Refinish VLB

Grand Prairie              Dec 4-5                       Prospray Finishes LV System

Detroit                         Dec 4-5                       Valspar Industrial Mix (VIM) System

Grand Prairie              Dec 11-12                   Valspar Industrial Mix (VIM) System

Color Theory is specific to Valspar Automotive’s premium waterborne system—DeBeer Refinish WaterBase 900+ Series. New to the curriculum, the class teaches students everything they need to know about color, from how to get to the right color, to how to use tools and resources properly including Valspar Automotive’s Color Focus formula retrieval system.

For more information about Valspar Automotive’s curriculum and/or to enroll in a class, visit:

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