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It is all about you — and that's not a selfish way to live

Thursday, May 10, 2018 - 07:00
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Traditions are the beliefs of the dead. Traditionalisms are the dead beliefs of the living. There are a ton of traditions that have been passed on by people in our lives and we continue to live our lives in accordance with. We teach these traditions to our children and the behaviors that the traditions create and subsequent outcomes they produce live on. 

Many of us grew up being taught that there is no "i" in team. The message is "It's not about you." I believe that this traditional teaching has created a belief that creates a lack of personal responsibility. 

It is important to be aware we are taught things in one context. That context has a positive or negative frame around it. The awareness I offer you is that EVERYTHING has a positive and a negative context. 

There is a positive and a negative context to the lesson about there being an "i" in team. If the context is an individual that is selfish, only looking out for her or himself at the expense of others, then clearly it is a negative context. 

If the context of the "i" in team is an awareness that you matter, your choices matter, your attitude matters, your integrity matters, how much you give to the success of the team or relationship matters. It truly is all about you, because you will affect the team or relationship in a positive or negative way with everything that you do and say. 

I believe that it could have taken one person involved in the repair of the 2010 Honda Fit incorrectly repaired by John Eagle Collision Center’s to step up and do the right thing for them to avoid paying a $31.5 million dollar law suit. That’s right, one person will need to accept personal responsibility to do the right thing. That one person would need to focus on the right decision for the customer and not a business decision for the financial profit to the business. 

My youngest son Jeremy got a new head football coach at his high school for his senior year. I have always loved to study the changes made in environments when new leadership moves in, it generally tells a story about why the change in leadership occurred. 

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My son grew up learning there is an "i" in team and that lesson was all about teaching him to accept personal responsibility for his choices and the outcomes those choices produced. Many of his past coaches and team members at East Central High School had attended our training. One of the philosophical foundations of our programs is there is an "i" in team. 

Again, the message is you matter, you count, you are going to affect the outcome in either a positive or negative way, you must understand there is no neutral in the context of this conversation. 

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